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place. it is in the same spot as the ancient report. -- port. this is the place where the international -- >> where are these undersea cables that you referred to earlier? and by whom? >> there have an telegraph cables across the atlantic for 150 years now. depending on how you count, individual strands or cable systems, there are about eight or 10 or 12 across the atlantic. the current generation was laid in the mid-90s. up until about 2002. they are owned by a few companies. very large backbone companies. they are owned by telecom, verizon, british telecom joining with deutsche telekom. or a couple are owned by companies that only own cables across the atlantic. they bought their people out of bankruptcy out of a larger telecom. -we specialize in new york or london. we will sell you services to another telecom or anyone who meets high-capacity bandwidth. >> what about this pacific? >> the pacific is -- i get a similar combination of players -- again, a similar combination of players. google funds a vast global network. they operate almost like a telecom of their own. they put out the
if i can begin to speak the language of all computing devices, then i can begin to port my experience to all computing devices. and that will give the consumer dramatically more power to choose time, place and manner. you know, i love "homeland." i haven't seen sunday's episode yet. i've heard people talk about it. but i'm picking and choosing when i want to see it. i was busy last night, so i didn't watch it last night. redskins were on monday night, go skins, i much preferred to see this. but tonight, slower night, i might watch it tonight. and that's just what a dvr does for me. when you start to have the ability to command content more fully, as i think jeff's talking about, things will look a more like that. but what i will say is i don't necessarily agree with just as a tv watcher more than a policy analyst, i think people still love discovery. i don't mean just the channel, i mean the ability to find surprises. every month or every year i giggle a little bit about some show that people are suddenly talking about that i don't think you could have ever imagined choosing. okay? if
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2